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Eastern Diagnosis

An Eastern Medical, or Oriental Medical doctor (OMD) assesses a person’s state of health by collecting and analyzing clinical information on the basis of diagnostic methods. OM diagnostics is a study of the theories, methods and diagnosis techniques. Some are unique to OM while others are similar to those used in Western medicine.

An OM doctor makes a diagnosis based on sensory perceptions to gather clinical information and then analyses and interprets this data. The doctor can diagnose internal pathological changes or diseases through observation and analysis of external signs. Holistic medicine treats the human body as an organic whole, and all parts are connected with each other by channels and collaterals (otherwise known as meridians). The internal is related with the external, and the exterior with the interior. Pathological changes inside the human body are reflected externally as abnormalities of the complexion, emotions, appearance of the tongue, or pulse irregularities.

A history taking, inspection and palpation will determine the cause and origin of the problem from which an individual suffers. The symptoms experienced or felt on the outside of the body can often reflect a problem with the internal organs, yin yang balance or qi (vital energy) flow. Causes of the symptoms are often attributed to exogoneous evils that invade the body and disrupt its internal balance leading to illness, but illness can also arise on the inside of the body and express symptoms on the outside. A skilled OM practitioner is usually able to distinguish where the origin of the problem comes from by using the examination techniques.

At Acupia Wellness, we integrate high-tech diagnostic apparatuses so patients can get a visual read for their conditions to help bridge the understanding between Eastern and Western medical philosophies.


State-of-the-art Diagnostics

Comprehensive Body Composition Analyzer

Comprehensive Body Composition Analyzer

What is the purpose of testing?

Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer (BIA) is a noninvasive method that has been used mainly for body composition analysis over the past decade. Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis, a series of professional body composition analyzers measures body weight, body fat mass and percentage, lean body mass, body water level, fluid distribution, BMI, waist to hip ratio, body balance through all directions and more.
This test can be utilized as a risk assessment.  It analyzes altered body compositions, pre-clinical patterns of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.  It provides a personalized profile for each unique individual to prevent the insidious or chronic onset of diseases.

How should I prepare for the assessment?

• No alcohol within 24 hours
• No exercise for 4 hours
• Avoid caffeine or food for 4 hours
• Consume 2-4 glasses of water within 2 hours


Autonomic Nervous System Test


What is the Autonomic Nervous System?

The nervous system has three parts: motor, sensory and autonomic. The motor part takes care of movement of a muscle such as lifting an arm or turning the head. The sensory system takes care of any kind of perception from the external environment, such as seeing, or feeling a texture. The autonomic system handles everything else. This includes monitoring and control of all internal functions such as blood pressure, blood flow, sweating, bowel and bladder. There are many other functions that we do not yet understand.

What is the purpose of testing?

Your doctor wishes to determine whether your autonomic nervous system is functioning normally.
Certain diseases can attack the autonomic nervous system in isolation, or as part of a more widespread
illness. In the second case, many functions of the nervous system, including autonomic, sensory and motor systems, may be affected, and the autonomic testing can be used as a “marker” to diagnose such a disease. In all of these cases, the autonomic nervous system will be functioning poorly or not at all.
In contrast, when pain restricted to one part of the body is the main problem, your doctor will wish to determine if the autonomic nervous system on that side is functioning too much.


Facial Skin Analysis


What Features can be detected by Dermaview?


DermaView is a facial skin analyzer. It shows you damage to your skin that you cannot necessarily see
with the naked eye. The Skin Analyzer uses UV light to show the patient sun damage to their face,
as well as skin conditions such as oily or dehydrated tissue that is not visible to the naked eye.
This important consultation tool is unique from similar devices as its 2X optics make the skin conditions
readily apparent to the patient.

Comprehensive Diagnostics



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