Reset Detox

Lose over 10% of your total body weight in 5 weeks

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  • SIMPLE plans and great results
  • Herbal formula Juice with All NATURAL ingredients
  • Comprehensive programs to support each individual’s condition*
  • Significant reduction in Total Body Weight
  • Significant reduction in FAT loss
  • Cleansing of toxins and excess body waste
  • Re-educate and Re-balance the body system and hormone
  • Significant improvements in various conditions for health

*Pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, allergies, skin, immune, and other chronic diseases


Why DETOXIFICATION is necessary for your body:




2 Major Mechanisms of Acupia Wellness Reset Diet Program:


A. Lose your body FAT and Toxins!
@ Molecular level cleanse

  1. Toxins cause traffic in blood circulation
  2. Metabolism of cellular activity decrease
  3. Local accumulation of body waste (FAT and debris of cells)
  4. Elimination of body waste via detoxification
  5. Increase metabolism of cellular activity
  6. Increase blood circulation to enhance eliminating process

B. Reset your body system and hormone!
@systemic level cleanse

  1. Cellular metabolism increase with detoxification, re-educate intestinal organs
  2. Renewed digestive system contributes to hormonal balance via enhanced blood and lymph circulation
  3. Balanced endocrine system re-educates the body to release leptin (fat hormone: affects weight and appetite) at a normal range.
  4. Promotes healthy cholesterol and triglyceride level
  5. Promote a balanced insulin level while stimulating fat reduction and inhibiting storage fat
  6. Reduces appetite by promoting a healthy ghrelin and leptin level, the major hormones which involves in hunger
  7. Recovered organ system and endocrine system via detoxification brings overall balanced state of the mind and body.

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Reset Detoxification

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