IVF Preparations with Herbal Medicine

Scientific research has experimentally concluded that chinese herbal medicine increases the likelihood of IVF success. In 2015, a research conducted by Karin Ried compared clinical pregnancy rates achieved with Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) versus Western medical (WM) treatment. Mean pregnancy rates in the CHM group were 60% compared with 33% in the WM group.

Our IVF preparation protocol begins 12 to 16 weeks before IVF
“Nourish the soil before you plant the seed”
  1. Herbal Medicine: customized herbal medicine that meets individual physical needs to strengthen the body before pregnancy
  2. Acupuncture and heat therapy: increase blood flow to the uterus and thickness of the uterine lining as well as improve egg quality for conception
During IVF procedure
  1. Weeks Before Egg Retrieval: Herbal medicine that prepares the uterine lining before egg retrieval is provided
  2. 2 Weeks After Egg Retrieval: Herbal medicine that helps safely implant a fertilized egg into the uterus is provided

In “Impact of Whole Systems Traditional Chinese Medicine on in-vitro Fertilization Outcomes,” a research paper published in 2015, from a sample of 1231 IVF patient records, those who underwent IVF with herbal medicine was associated with greater odds of live birth.

Acupia is here to provide women with a safe and caring system to prepare and guide women for IVF.